pp 玻纖 gf30PP玻纖強化級|冠華GHPC-專營尼龍、工程塑膠粒、客製化複合材料

pp 玻纖 gf30
PP GF30加玻璃纖維, 30%Glass Fiber Filled添加30%玻璃纖維, Black黑色 high dimensional stability, high tensile strength, high temperature resistance PP-GF30 reinforced. 產品說明:. 聚丙烯用30%化學偶合的玻璃纖維補強後之抗拉強度比未補強聚丙烯改良180%,而比一般的玻璃纖維補強聚丙烯改良50%。 聚丙烯LG化學PP GP2300 玻纖增強30% PP-GF30 電子電氣 ... 玻纖增強PP-GF30% pp加玻纖10-30%改性定制高抗沖耐高溫注塑級 PP 玻纖強化複合材料 特性. 耐候性; 高耐衝擊性; 高剛性; 低收縮率. 用途. 汽機車零件、風葉、腳踏車零件、幫浦零件、紗管 另有其它型號可供選擇,可依客戶需求客製化產品及顏色. 規格表 Heat stabilized polypropylene reinforced with 30 weight percent long glass fibers. The fibers are chemically coupled to the polypropylene matrix. The impact properties are enhanced. The pellets are cylindrical and normally as well as the embedded fibers 10 mm long.  Parts molded of CELSTRAN have outstanding mechanical properties such as high strength and stiffness combined with high heat deflection. The notched impact strength is increased at elevated and low temperatures due to the fiber skeleton built in the parts. The long fiber reinforcement reduces creep significantly. The very isotropic shrinkage in the molded parts minimizes the warpage. Complex parts can be manufactured with high reproducibility by injection molding. Application field: Functionial/structural parts for automotive