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nylon glass fiber reinforced (taiwan) pl
Introduction As Nylon is a semi-crystalline amido, it can easily form hydrogen bonds with water molecules, and therefore it has higher moisture absorption than most resins. If Nylon particles absorb too much moisture, it will cause issues during the drying process before production and defects in the molding product. Surface deficiencies in the silver bars or air bubbles will cause a decrease in quality and the inferior material may not be recycled or reused. Hence, the pre-production drying process is the most crucial step in Nylon processing. GHPC / 6 Engineering Plastics Characteristics 1. High toughness and excellent impact resistance. 2. Abrasion resistant and self-lubricating. 3. Good heat resistance, flame retardants, self-extinguishing. 4. Air barrier properties, excellent chemical resistance. 5. Suitable for products that require strength, precision, anti-heat deflection ▲PA6 /66 Glass Fiber Reinforced/Impact Modified Glass fiber reinforced nylon for enhanced strength, stiffness and low temperature impact resistance. Our Glass fiber reinforced/ impact modified nylon is a type of nylon that has been reinforced with glass fibers. The enhanced toughness makes nylon more resistant to low temperatures and impact than glass fiber reinforced nylon. It can apply on different product production such as: bicycle parts, suitscase handle pulls, telescopic handle.