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plastic compsite masterbatchs
Nylon 6 or nylon is added with glass fiber, mineral fiber, fire retardant, toughener, carbon fiber, etc. Therefore, it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, rigidity, impact, fire prevention and so on. PA6. Glass Fiber Reinforced/Impact Modified. Glass fiber reinforced nylon for enhanced strength, stiffness and low temperature impact resistance. PA6/66 Glass Fiber / Mineral Reinforced Grade can be applied to Extension cord internal parts, Motor housing, Shoe heel, Office desk & chair, Oil filter, ... Polyamide 6,6 reinforced with glass fibers exhibit excellent mechanical properties such as strength, hardness, creep strength, and stability. It is widely used in Hair dryer casing, typewriter bobbin, camera tripod, fishing tackle winder. It exhibits high rigidity, dimensional stability, low warpage ...
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